My tooth problem came out of no where! I take really good care of my teeth so I was shocked to find a lump on my upper gum line. Turns out it was infection and my root canal from 30+ years ago had failed. I thought I might lose the tooth. I was stressed and distraught. That was until I spoke with Stephanie at Pulsipher Endodontics. She assured me they could help me and I shouldn't worry. I expressed my desire to come in asap so when they had a cancellation, they got me right in. Dr. Pulsipher was efficient and got the procedure done in about an hour and a half. I had no pain during the re-treatment root canal and a bit of pain afterward. I took a few Ibuprofen throughout the night and was fine. The next day I had no pain. It was a great experience and saved my tooth! This is a wonderful team of experts. I appreciate them so much!